Vintage Filigree & New Gems – Lo de antaño adquiere nueva vida

Vintage brass stamp with black Swarovski crystals $18
Blue Sapphire $42 Hand forged hammered goldfill
Vintage brass stamp with blue apatite leaves $21
Vintage brass flowers with faceted black onyx beads, vermeil earwires, $15
Vintage brass stamps with white fresh water pearls, vermeil earwires and beadtip pins, $18
Vintage brass stamps with cobalt blue Czech glass beads, vermeil earwires and flower headpins $21
Made to order blue quartz teardrops, 14k GF stamps, white fresh water pears $32
Cosas nuevas:Joyas de colores intensosJewel tones are back!

Creo que para las mujeres y para los hombres que nos gustan las joyas, el color es siempre un elemento esencial. La moda cambia, se regenera, y nos lleva de vuelta a lo imprescindible: el color. A veces hay temporadas en que se usan las piedras sin color– topacio blanco o gris, que es mucho más posible que los diamantes; oro blanco en vez de amarillo; adornos de plata sin ninguna piedra o acento de color. Pero esto es un descanso, un período tenue y meditativo, para volver a elegir sólo aquello que nos hace feliz. Y ahora vuelve el color, los tonos transparentes como de acuarela, pero llenos de vida. ¡Que disfruten!

Multicolor CZ Drops Necklace. Faceted CZ drops in amber, orange, green, red, and olive. Handmade wirewrap connects CZ rondelles in complementary warm tones. Necklace is finished with 14k goldfill link chain. $38
Citrine and garnet necklace on beaded silver chain. $42

I think that for the women and men who enjoy making and wearing jewelry, color is always the essential element. There are seasons when fashion turns to monochrome looks– perhaps only metal adornments with white gold instead of yellow, or white and gray topaz that are much more possible than diamonds– for instance. But this is a time of rest, subdued, meditative. And then we return to that which makes us happy–color! Transparent like water colors or smooth, opaque stones that feel cool to the touch, but always rich in hue, saturated in color. Hope you enjoy these pieces!

SOLD! Antique silver and citrine bracelet. Handmade linked bracelet with hand-faceted citrine nuggets, and antique & new silver pieces. Closes with sterling silver lobster clasp. $48

Handknotted green agate, Russian amazonite, and malachite necklace with sterling silver toggle clasp.
Citrine and garnet earrings in sterling silver. Exclusive design! Only one pair made on commission.

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