The Story of Livingatnight

Living at Night is the name of my first novel, published in 1997. Night encompasses more than half of our lives… and I love what we say with the jewelry we choose to wear. I was born in Chile and live in NYC – I derive inspiration from the landscape of my birth and the vibrant pace of the city I love. My jewelry can be worn every day for any occasion. Natural stones, pearl, crystals, copper and silver are my elements. I love to design one of a kind pieces for people with the colors and stones they love – in fact, this is why I write about birthstones here on my blog! Even though not all my favorite stones fall into a given month, I think we should all adopt four or five birthstones to inspire us. Such as these: Chrysoprase and Iolite

I loved jewelry but could never choose what to wear for the entire day! I marveled at people who had a *signature* look, who chose only silver, or their birthstone, and had a favorite piece that everyone knew. I also love literature, of course, and believe we are inspired by the early stories we read, the poems that give us unforgettable images, and this is where we find stories of magic talismans that protect or inspire characters to face the challenges of life.

Making jewelry came out of writing, a way to engage the body while daydreaming and composing poetry & stories. I would edit my jewelry the way I edited writing- I bought pieces I liked but soon wanted to change the stone, or the length of the earring! Until I decided to get the right tools, purchase the stones and vintage elements I liked, and create my own workspace.

Since 2003 I’ve been making special pieces for people who have an idea of a perfect jewel but cannot find it yet, using stones as talismans to engage our imagination, mixing the contemporary urban design of New York City with a South American touch.

What I’ve learned over the years is that some of us indeed know exactly what we want, and are very pleased to find jewelry that seems to speak to us. And others- like me- will always be looking for that perfect jewel to wear for the whole day, for dinner and dancing, or a week at the beach, a few days in Barcelona, even going for a hike in the woods of Vermont. Who says you can’t choose beads for walking?


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