So, What’s Your Favorite Color?

Inspired by the work of Adrienne Wilson, creative owner and designer of Dancing Rainbows, this post is all about color!


So, what’s your favorite color?

Mine is red, honest. Ever since I was a child, growing up in Santiago, Chile, the color red has been the color I identify with. I remember my red rain boots while standing in a puddle on the sidewalk, the water reflecting the gray skies and my boots, slick with rain, glistening in the middle. I had a red tricycle when I was four, and a wooden candy box in the shape of a mushroom with a red top and white polka dots. When my mother gave me an illustrated copy of Arabian Nights, I loved looking at the rubies encrusted on the handle of a scimitar, and the large ruby on the diadem worn by the sea princess, Jullanar.
And yet, lime green and turquoise, aqua, emerald green and calypso bluegreen have also held a magic fascination, and I seem to wear my green and turquoise t-shirts more often than red. And, don’t ask about earrings! The ones I reach for are usually chrysophrase,

aquamarine, emerald, or seagreen apatite. My favorite pendant is one I made with a tourmaline green quartz stone. But when I was a kid, I eventually learned from my mother, who was a painter, that red and green are complementary colors that are opposite in hue.
Maybe that explains my internal color debate!
We are surrounded by color, all the time, and our language is full of imagery about color, right? So, here are some lovely creations from Dancing Rainbows, whose wonderfully creative sun catchers have really caught my eye. I love what she does with Swarovski crystals, and I know you’ll love the fabulous images she captures! In honor of the month of the Emerald month of May, here is something green:

Earth Day

You can see Dancing Rainbows’ shop at Zibbet (see my list of Favorite Links) and also find her on Facebook, at

Here’s a photo of me wearing my tourmaline green quartz pendant.

*** I received a comment from the wonderful designer of Dancing Rainbows: “Thank you so very much for featuring my sparkles. And I absolutely love your banner. What a beautiful piece of jewelry you’ve created!!
P.S. I also love red and the story of the “Arabian Nights”. thank you, thank you : )”


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