Your Talisman: October Opal


opals (Photo credit: TanWei)

Happy Birthday, October! Opal is your stone, as subtle and beautiful as an October day. A myriad colors shimmer on the surface of this stone due to the many combinations of minerals that make up the many varieties, in many lands, in many climates, and under the gaze of unique sunlight.

Such is the fate of of being beautiful! Fleeting, rather indescribable, and often unattainable. Opals are delicate stones, sensitive to drying out and cracking under the wrong conditions, and because of this many believe that Opals are bad luck to anyone except those born in October. Some people believe that one should not purchase an opal for oneself, but rather accept one as a gift. Whatever the belief, these whimsical stories have only added to the mystique and appeal of the stone.

Today, however, moonstones and labradorite have begun to make an acceptable substitution for opals. For one thing, they are less expensive and quite beautiful. Feldspar, or Moonstone, are also iridescent and have a fire similar to that of opals. Labradorite is the same stone, only found in the Labrador Penninsula, from which it derives its name.

Moonstone Pendant with Art Deco accent


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