Mariana Romo-Carmona

Jewelry Designer, began her own line in 2005 at livingatnight.com; created artisan jewelry for Worldstock at Overstock Co. (2008-11) and many people who wanted something special made just for them. Currently, her designs are for sale at Etsy. Also a writer; winner of a Lambda Literary Foundation Award, and an Astraea Lesbian Fiction Award, Romo-Carmona is the author of a novel in English, Living At Night, and co-editor of the ground breaking Cuentos: Stories By Latinas. Her latest book is Sobrevivir y otros complejos: Narrative Poems in Englillano. She was on the faculty of the Goddard College MFA In Writing Program for twelve years (1994-2006), and the faculty of the JSM Institute for Labor Studies/CUNY where she taught literature 2001-2012. She writes about literature and teaching Latin American literature in English at Writingatnight/escribiendo de noche: http://marianaromo-carmona and you can find more fiction, poetry, essays at  Writingatnight/Diario de una escribana: http://MarianaRomoCar.wordpress.com. Born in Santiago, Chile, she resides in New York City and is currently writing her doctoral dissertation in literature at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

Contact: marianaromocarmona@gmail.com


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